Pictures By Vanessa Boy 

So Vanessa took me to the cutest little restaurant in the middle of no where. And it was so freaking delicious, that I even ate her food. This little gem is called Yellow Dog Eats and the inside of it is just as cool as the food. Ps you can eat inside the van or just in there and hang out, I thought it was cool lol.  ANYWAYS lets talk fashion, This is pretty much my everyday attire crop tops are like half my closet. And living in this hot weather they are essential for survival. The jeans fit like a glove they are literally perfection, who knew American Eagle jeans would be so amazing!?!?! They have deff stepped up their game because I remember them not being able to fit my small waist and bigger butt. 
I also Live in hats/beanies I know its ridicoulously hot but I can't help myself I have a problem. 

And yes I have a date and his name is Lucas the cutest little thing ever, he is Vanessa's son and this kid is so full of personality!!   

I hope you have have an amazing week!!! 
Beanie | American Apparel
Leather Jacket | Michael Kors (N/A)
Choker | Free People
Bag | Zara
High tops | Converse