Pictures by Vanessa Boy

I was introduced to a whole new world of sweetness by my dear friend Vanessa!! Pistachio anything lol. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually liked it. We had this little revelation in Thorton Park, which by the way is the cutest little shops I wanted to go into all of them! And if you ever pass by there you need to go into the Benjamin French Bakery Cafe, it was freaking adorable, and delicious. 
Lets talk fashion... Yes I am wearing another off the shoulder top, and be ready because I will be wearing more of them. They are def one of my most haves this summer! Its so light weight and comfortable, I just couldn't my self and I ordered like 5 of them. I know its a little excessive BUT I will be wearing them like crazy in my day to day. Also you guys need to go to Forever 21 and get ur self a pair of sandals they have so many cute options, and affordable.You can't go wrong there.   

Im excited to show you guys what I have coming up this week! 
Stay tuned 
Top | Pacsun
Shorts | Pacsun 
Shoes | Forever 21
Clutch | Pura Vida