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 Last week I got to collab with Jomy from and we had a blast!!!! I really enjoyed working with her, even dancing around in the fields. I wish we actually did look as graceful as the pictures lol there's no fighting Vanessa's skills for capturing moments it's deff something that cannot be taught. 

Anyhow we wanted to do a bohemian vibe and gave Vanessa full creative control of the shoot. All we did was dance around and showed up in our incredibly cute outfits, and she made magic. We both felt like we are in a Free People campaign!!!! 

OK lets talk outfits!!! We both created looks that can certainly be worn on the day to day bases, and what's even better is that you can style each piece individually, which is something I look for when I'm shopping for new looks.  What I feel that made my outfit pop a little more was my accessories, especially my fedora. Finding the right accessories can take any look to the next level, if you need it to convey a specific vibe.  

Now lets talk about how cute Jomy is!!! I love her style, its very versatile literally can use every single piece from her looks and wear them with anything and everything, and she makes it look so effortless. Which I love! I need to learn from her because sometimes I can go a little crazy lol. 

you guys deff. need to give her a follow if you aren't already. 

Instagram :: Love Jomy

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Hope you guys have a great week ahead of you!!! 




Hat |Asos 

Shirt | Forever 21

Chocker |Free People

Pants |Forever 21 

Shoes | Zara (old)

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     Use promo code: JENLUMIEREXOXO 

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